The 90 Day Game Private Team Coaching



An intense, goal focused, coaching program where you will be introduced to 5 steps to prepare you for the 14-week accountability program where you are coached on a specific methodical process to take your life and your business to the next level. The hallmark of our system is accountability. All of our coaching and training systems are imbued with accountability for maximum results.

Includes: 17 weeks broken into two distinct phases:

PHASE 1:  3-week Pre Season

  • Led by Sarano and Brooke Kelley
  • Designed to introduce Players to The Game System
  • Designed to assist Players in authoring their Game
  • Mind Dumping and Time Blocking are introduced and modeled
  • Methodical process outlined to address preparing your key environments for The 90-Day Game
  • Led by Coaches using The 90-Day Game Playbook

*Includes several elements of motivation and inspiration designed specifically for 90-Day Game Player’s optimum success

PHASE 2:  14 weeks or 90-Day Game

  • Weekly 45-minute Coaching Call led by Sarano Kelley with your Team of 10-12 advisors
  • Weekly 45-minute Training Call led by Sarano and Brooke Kelley with your Team 
    • Calls are recorded and made available to players
    • Live role play with the Coaches and can be transcribed upon request for advisor’s records
    • Calls are led and accompanied by Training Manual (200+ pages)
  • Accountability
    • Assigned to Daily Accountability Partner based on Scientific Matching
    • Daily 5-15 minute Accountability Call with accountability partner using a script and based on protocol
    • Calls are based on individual daily and weekly points -- per Player’s Scorecard


  • Average increase of 450% in assets proposed and received
  • Average increase of 900% in referrals received
  • Average of 2.5 hours less work per week by week 10 in The 90-Day Game


Please select desired start date and payment option below to complete your purchase:


Start Date February 25, 2019   Start Date March 18, 2019

Full Pay Option $5500

8 payments at $750 each (Total $6000)



Full Pay Option $5500

8 payments at $750 each (Total $6000)