Message From Your Coaches

Message From Your Coaches

Welcome to the new Kelley Group and the beginning of an expanded array of resources and value that we will be providing you, in your quest to be your personal best. 

As a sales and marketing training consulting boutique to some of the best and brightest financial advisors in the industry we’ve always been on the cutting edge of advisor development.

We are now embarking on the slow and methodical process of bringing the same innovation to how we deliver and support you in being able to have the greatest access to the best resources so that you can continue to excel beyond your competition.

Over time, along with the resources that will be added to this locker room you will see a rapidly growing video library. The locker room will become your “one stop resource hub” for sales and marketing training. 

While the new locker room is an important hub it is only the center of a growing series of resources that will start to be made progressively available, almost immediately. 

Along with the new locker room and our new website we recommend that you engage with us over social media where we will be delivering special content by blog, Facebook, LinkedIn and even Twitter to keep you on track with your own quest for success.

With daily and weekly social media content relevant to skill development you will also find us delivering a monthly webinar on “The keys subjects" in our current and upcoming books for you and the other members of your team.

One of the many advantages of being a client of The Kelley Group is that you will receive information that is highly valued in the marketplace years before it is made available to the advisory public. 

Whether it is the community that people experience on their coaching team, or in the two day face-to-face selling skills program in Vegas, or here at the locker room we’re proud of you, and the other great individuals like you that we have the honor of referring to as our clients. 

Get ready for the start of a new era!

Sarano and Brooke