The Reversing the Deal Flow Onsite Sales Training - Las Vegas Mar 21-22 2019 CURRENT & PAST CLIENTS


Social Network, Telephone, Face-to-Face Selling and Group Presentation Skills

MARCH 21-22, 2019

Program Goals
In this two-day program, advisors will learn how to consistently “be in the zone” by:

  • Gaining mastery of the 115 skills applicable to the professional sales process
  • Learning a detailed process starting with the initial meeting and handling objections to closing the sale. 

The following topics will be explored in depth and interactive exercises are included with many.

Mapping of the Sales Cycle

By gaining an understanding of the four phases of any sales cycle, you'll have the ability to know where you are in the process at all times and to accurately diagnose where a sales goes wrong or stalls. 

The 34 Strategies of “Reversing the Deal Flow” Summarized

Learn how to have prospects calling you to become clients by systematically developing a unique advocacy network and then leveraging these brand ambassadors as your “off the balance sheet” sales team.

Benchmark 1: Starting a Conversation with a Stranger 

In this videotaped exercise, your conscious, unconscious and verbal communication skills will be evaluated to analyze your ability to start a conversation with a stranger and then artfully turn the interaction into business development. (video-based sales simulation with coaching and feedback)

Conscious and Unconscious Communication Skills

Explore the three components of any face-to-face message: 1) words (content), 2) the sound of your voice and 3) your appearance. These three elements comprise your conscious skill set (the words) and your unconscious skill set (the sound of your voice and your appearance). 

Benchmark Video Review

How do others see you when you start a conversation with a stranger. Learn how to discern the unconscious signs that show your discomfort as well as idiosyncratic behaviors that take place outside of your conscious awareness. Analyze the structure and strength of your dialogue skills, and your ability to compel a person to want to meet with you for a follow up. (personal video review and group feedback)

Scripting and Unconscious Skills for Connecting with a Stranger

Learn an exact step-by-step process that can be modified to start a conversation with anyone in any environment. Explore ways to have them connect with you by sharing their current investment dissatisfaction, thus creating the basis for a follow-up meeting. 

Drilling: “What Do You Do for a Living” 

Create a compelling way to answer the question, “What do you do for a living?” Your carefully crafted response can generate the right impression 100% of the time. Develop an unconscious communication that causes people to immediately bond with you and desire further communication. (videotaped and critiqued) 

“Conversation with a Stranger” Videotaping

In this videotaped session, you’ll practice the entire skill set of “starting a conversation with a stranger.” The recording will be reviewed for constructive feedback. 

The “Theatre of the Mind” Advanced Telephone Skills

After successfully connecting with a “stranger” what are the necessary telephone skills you can use to project a powerful image over the phone? What is the exact formula for any “warm call” script, and what are the primary mistakes many professionals make during a phone conversation? (surprise exercise). Learn how to close a meeting and handle any resistance or objections -- especially delay or procrastination. (videotaped exercise and live call practice drill) 

Advanced Face-to-Face Selling Skills

How can you be in the zone consistently and establish rapport with anyone instantly? Learn the unconscious use of eye contact, voice and the way you greet people can help you establish trust on contact. Develop an ironclad ability to remember names and become unforgettable so people will always remember your name. (several partnered exercises with various participants to allow for skill development across a broad range of personalities and communication styles) 

The Science of Rapport

Learning rapport strategies will allow you to almost immediately put a person physically at ease in your presence without them knowing it. It also allows you to:

  • Control a person’s attention during an interaction to minimize distractions and to gauge how they think and, even further, what they are thinking. (Requires glasses if you wear them.)
  • Elicit a person’s unconscious decision-making strategy; this is the key to how they want to be sold to. (group exercise and individual audiotaping analysis with feedback)
  • Explore the six steps necessary for controlling time in an interaction using “positive control” to ensure your message is delivered in its entirety and the meeting still ends on time. (drilling)  

“Opening a Meeting”


In this videotaped session, your ability to effectively open a meeting in terms of your dialogue skills and unconscious communication will be reviewed and analyzed for constructive feedback, along with your ability to successfully bridge from small talk to the business of the meeting 100% of the time. 

The Art of Relationship

Relationship building is the key to building a successful business. In this session, you’ll learn:

  • How to hear what a person is unconsciously saying.
  • How to tell when a person isn’t “really listening” to you, and how to prevent losing their attention.
  • How people can tell when you’re not “really listening” to them.
  • The use of "punchy questions” to provoke a person into telling you what they’re thinking/feeling, but they don’t trust you enough to say. Learn how to have an authentic dialogue with difficult people.
  • Non-intrusive probing, a top communication technique to get people to reveal themselves to you in a way that deepens trust.
  • Ways to uncover a person’s primary driver that determines how they make their decisions – it’s the “crown jewel” of the sales process -- and uncover the values they cherish. 
  • How to recognize unconscious pain to assist a person in handling their unresolved issues as it relates to what you’re uniquely qualified to offer. (videotaped exercise) 

The Compelling Recommendation

Once a bond has been created and the relationship is on sturdy ground, learn the top three things you should know before making a recommendation in order to give yourself the best chance at a 100% closing ratio (drilling). Here are four additional “to dos” to ensure a client/prospect is more receptive to your recommendations.   

  • Before every recommendation, it’s important to sell people on “why you and why your firm” to prevent them from taking your recommendation to another resource (their adviser) or doing it themselves.
  • Share the 4-fold structure of any recommendation that advisers typically miss. Learn how to craft any recommendation for maximum impact and receptivity. (partner exercise and feedback)
  • Tie your close into the person’s individual unconscious decision-making strategy for maximum impact. (videotaped)
  • Use the science of handling questions and the art of reframing objections to change a person’s mind and close the sale. 

Final Videotaping and Review 


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