The Kelley Group offers five powerful keynote presentations:


The Game: Double Your Productivity in 90 Days.  The Game keynote presentation describes the highly successful Game Method in detail, as found in the best-selling book. Using lecture, story, humor and self-diagnostic exercises, this session engages participants – giving them a rare chance to assess their performance in key areas. And it offers them a challenge over the following 90 days to make significant improvements – using key principles from sports and other forms of competition.

The Firm: Transform Your Practice into a Business. The Firm keynote presentation offers breakthrough strategies for individual advisors looking to better manage their teams and achieve maximum accountability.  Advisors learn the approaches and methods used by the highest-performing teams, including how to assign team roles and responsibilities, how to choose a practice manager, how to discuss conflicts between senior partners, and how to hold partners accountable for initial agreements. This keynote also instructs advisors on the importance of quarterly performance reviews, and offsite team meetings, while showing how to establish an advisory board for their team.

Reframes: The Art of Overcoming Resistance and Handling Objections. This mesmerizing keynote teaches participants the powerful communication tactics mastered by the top 1% of advisors to overcome situations that can otherwise derail the selling process. It showcases techniques such as the “replay,” “verification,” “acknowledgment,” and “probe,” that cause a client or prospect to reconsider their objection or concern. The presentation also describes both the conscious and unconscious objections that make clients or prospects hesitate to move forward on important financial decisions.

The Referral Game: 90 Days to Limitless Prospects. This keynote produces a consistent and documented 1000% increase in referrals for advisors who use the proven process. The presentation explains why the traditional approach to referrals often fails, and how with a better client service model and more advanced consultative dialogue skills, advisors can create new “advocate” relationships with their clients – turning them into business development partners, not mere referral sources. This fresh approach to referrals empowers advisors to take advantage of the sea change in business development brought on by social media.

Beyond Prospecting: Reversing the Deal Flow. This dynamic keynote helps advisors build a “strategic network” that acts as a magnet for new business. Participants learn the little-understood principles that make some people naturally better connected – connections that give them special advantages in business settings. Advisors learn a new step-by-step networking approach called “campaigning,” practiced by some of the industry’s largest and most profitable producers.